Case Study Jonezy Artwork

Jonezy Artwork is a new business type phenomenon that Randy Jones created to output his art work for people to buy and admire. Randy markets his work in many different ways, like social media, drawing for well known business', such as Dutch Brothers coffee, he hosts auctions to sell his pieces on Facebook, he also sells clothing with his art displayed on them, for example, he sells sweatshirts and T-shirts with his art pieces displayed either on the front or the back of the item of clothing. Social media plays a huge part in his business especially Facebook and Instagram. Almost everyday Randy does a "Live" video on Facebook to connect with his fans and customers. He also shows them his newest artwork, events, and even draws and or paints in front of them!

His style of art isn't traditional and is more abstract as in he takes reality and distorts it like an "anti-reality" which is why his target market is for men and women from ages 16-35 who value his ou…

News in Marketing

Nike's campaign "Just Do It" was huge when it came out. When Nike first came out with this slogan it was a huge deal that everyone and anyone took notice to. According to hubspot the "Just Do It" came abroad because at first Nike was just for runners until fitness became more of a big deal, so they decided to market Nike by expressing that people need to just do it. It was meant to give people motivation and the will to get up and be active. It only took 10 years to make sales go from $800 million to $9.2 Billion because of that slogan.

The marketing challenge was to express the new fitness look and to present new products in a way that people would be excited about them. Today you see this slogan and automatically get excited no matter what the product it.

Today Nike is way more than just shoes, its all types fitness clothes and accessories.

The uniqueness of Nike is that it's an entire brand that represents fashion, health, and fitness. This brand is mo…

Social Listening


News in Marketing

I chose "7 Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses," by Dara Fontein because it looked intriguing and is in my area of interest.

Fontein argued the success of big businesses was through social media and that small businesses can be just as successful as big ones, all they need to do is use social media to their advantage. She uses 7 case studies to show what social media account they use and how they use them to market to their demographics. She also wrote what the core strategies were such as "cross-promotion" which is a great way to market because you're using multiple different networks or social media platforms to market your brand or product.

The main points that apply to marketing are that she includes that strategies, networks used, and how to use them to become successful in marketing even for a small business.

The value proposition is that she guarantees some success and the promising ways to promote businesses.

I learned that social …

About Me

When I first started at LBCC I had an interest in business and was excited about marketing. I had dabbled in marketing my freshman year in high school and stayed interested. Marketing is a great way to get ideas heard and out there in creative ways.

I am majoring in business, but that is only a small part of what I want my career to be about because I am interested in many subjects. I am planning on switching majors after this term and receiving my Bachelor's degree in social working and counseling.

In Marketing I hope to learn the major do's and don'ts of marketing and the different ways people will react to different advertisements. I would also like to learn more of the terms and strategies within marketing so that I am aware of what I am doing and looking for when trying to market for my own business one day.

I am very passionate about owning a business to help children and youth believe that they're important. I was a foster child myself and I remember that I felt …