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Jonezy Artwork is a new business type phenomenon that Randy Jones created to output his art work for people to buy and admire. Randy markets his work in many different ways, like social media, drawing for well known business', such as Dutch Brothers coffee, he hosts auctions to sell his pieces on Facebook, he also sells clothing with his art displayed on them, for example, he sells sweatshirts and T-shirts with his art pieces displayed either on the front or the back of the item of clothing. Social media plays a huge part in his business especially Facebook and Instagram. Almost everyday Randy does a "Live" video on Facebook to connect with his fans and customers. He also shows them his newest artwork, events, and even draws and or paints in front of them!

His style of art isn't traditional and is more abstract as in he takes reality and distorts it like an "anti-reality" which is why his target market is for men and women from ages 16-35 who value his outlook on reality. Several times a week Randy will upload a picture of some new artwork with the starting bid of $5 and lets his customers bid to their delight until either the highest bidder has won or the auction comes to an end. The friendly environment that he creates makes customers feel eager to buy his work and makes them more inclined to recommend his business to friends and family. Although you might think these marketing strategies are enough, it doesn't stop there! Somewhere around once a month Randy asks his fans and costumers to share a post to be in the running for a free piece of artwork. The shares allow him to connect to hundreds of new costumers and fans! As you may have learned from reading this, Randy Jones, owner and sol artist of jonezy artwork has utilized and continues to achieve impressive marketing skills for his small business.
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